Happy Birthday, Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling!


When J.K. Rowling gave her title character her own birthday, she considered it a little inside joke that no one would know. Legions of worldwide fans later, she’s certainly been proven wrong!

Jo turns 48 today, while Harry is now up to his 33rd birthday! How time flies!

Happy birthday to Neville Longbottom!

The current Hogwarts Herbology professor is 33 years old today!

neville bday

Draco Malfoy’s Birthday

Draco! It’s your birthday! Come party with us!


What the…? But, Voldemort-


No, Draco! Don’t listen to them! Our cupcakes are chocolate!


And…. we lost him.

Happy Birthday, Draco!

Pottermore requests Draco Malfoy fan art

In celebration of the Slytherin’s birthday, June 5, Pottermore has a link to submit Draco Malfoy fan art.


Fan art submitted to fanpop! by Mallory23

Image credit: fanpop!


Emma Watson celebrates 23rd birthday

Happy bday Emma


The image says it all! Happy birthday wishes to Emma, and congratulations on winning the Trailblazer award at the MTV Movie Awards last night!

Source: Facebook

Happy Birthday, Fred and George!

Happy Birthday to our favorite pair of troublemakers!

In honor of this special occasion, tell us: what did you do for April Fools’ Day?

Tell us in the comments below!

Happy Birthday Fred and George Weasley! :D

Happy Birthday Fred and George Weasley! 😀

It was Fred and George Weasleys birthday today, its just so fitting of their pranking ways for them to be born on April Fools Day 😛

Read about the actors James and Oliver Phelps, and see how they found it playing the troublesome twins, here.