Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Felton reunite

Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy put aside their differences during their reunion.



Daniel has been performing in London’s West End in a production of The Cripple Of Inishmaan, and his old rival friend Malfoy Tom stopped by to put a leg-breaking curse on him tell him to break a leg!

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Daniel Radcliffe to guest star in The Simpsons.

The Simpsons

Good news: Daniel Radcliffe will make his return to a beloved franchise! Nope, sadly not that one. The Harry Potter star has recorded another role for The Simpsons.

In an episode airing this coming season, Bart will encounter Diggs (Radcliffe), a strange older boy with a passion for falconry, among other things. “Diggs is a combination of Holden Caulfield, Finny from A Separate Peace and the kids in Lord of the Flies — only a little more screwed up,” executive producer Al Jean tells Entertainment Weekly.

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Daniel Radcliffe Talks Theater at the Olivier Awards and if he misses Harry Potter

At the Olivier Awards in London, held April 28th, Red Carpet News got a chance to catch up to Daniel Radcliffe to talk briefly about what he’s learned from doing live theater, what he has coming up in both stage and movie productions in the upcoming year, and of course, some talk about Harry Potter.

It’s nice to know that he’s swiftly moved on successfully after the Harry Potter films, and doesn’t at all seem to resent ever having done them, as well he shouldn’t.  He’s definitely still making a name for himself and that’s nice to see.

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Daniel Radcliffe can’t shake Potter tag

Daniel Radcliffe can’t shake Potter tag

Daniel Radcliffe can’t get rid of the Harry Potter label but thinks he is slowly being recognised for his wider body of work.

The 23-year-old star doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to shed the association with the Boy Who Lived after playing the teenage wizard for eight movies, but is hoping people will eventually start recognising him as an actor in his own right.

The ‘Woman in Black’ actor sighed: ”I do think it will be another few years before we see an article that won’t mention Potter. I’m not sure that will happen.

”The goal isn’t to stop Harry Potter being written about; that’s unachievable. The goal is to make myself an actor rather than just one character. I think that’s starting to happen.”

Daniel is so self-critical he can only bring himself to watch the fifth and eighth films in the magical franchise, although he is starting to become less hard on himself.

He told Empire magazine: ”I think it’s important to be your own toughest critic because that way you’ll always be driven to get better.

”But it’s important to temper that with being able to give yourself credit for something you’re pleased with.

”I was very bad at that before. I was unable to see anything good, but now I’m starting to.”

Richard Griffiths, HP Actor, dies at 65

Richard Griffiths, the actor famous for playing Vernon Dursely in the Harry Potter films, died March 29, 2013. He was 65.

His agent, Simon Beresford, reported that the death occurred from complications of his recent heart surgery.

Mr. Griffiths was born on July 31, 1947, in Thornaby-on-Tees, in northern England. Both his parents were deaf, and both were angry and brutal, he told The New York Times in 2006. He learned sign language at an early age.

At one time he wanted to be a painter, but after leaving school at 15, he worked in a supermarket stockroom and subsequently enrolled in a local college, where he turned to acting. He began his career in Manchester theaters.

Mr. Griffiths is survived by his wife, Heather, whom he married in 1980.

Of Mr. Griffiths, Daniel Radcliffe said:

“Any room he walked into was made twice as funny and twice as clever just by his presence. Richard was by my side during two of the most important moments of my career. In August 2000, before official production had even begun on ‘Potter,’ we filmed a shot outside the Dursleys’, which was my first ever shot as Harry. I was nervous and he made me feel at ease. Seven years later we embarked on ‘Equus’ together. It was my first time doing a play, but, terrified as I was, his encouragement, tutelage and humor made it a joy.”

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Richard Griffiths and Daniel Radcliffe at the 2008 Tony Awards

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Daniel Radcliffe: Star of ‘Harry Potter’ franchise returning to London stage

Daniel Radcliffe: Star of ‘Harry Potter’ franchise returning to London stage

The 23-year-old actor has gone from boy wizard to Broadway hoofer to Beat poet Allen Ginsberg, whom he plays in new film “Kill Your Darlings.” He has several wildly different films lined up and is soon to take to the London stage as star of Martin McDonagh’s barbed comedy “The Cripple of Inishmaan.”
The play gives audiences the chance to see Mr. Radcliffe in yet another new light, as Billy, a disabled orphan in 1930s Ireland who harbors an unlikely dream of Hollywood stardom.

“Cripple,” which opens in June for a 12-week run, is part of a West End season of plays overseen by director Michael Grandage, who has assembled an A-list company of actors that includes Mr. Radcliffe, Ben Whishaw, Judi Dench and Jude Law.

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Daniel Radcliffe in final talks for ‘Frankenstein’ role


Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe previously expressed interest in playing the character Igor in 20th Century Fox’s remake of Frankenstein. It looks like that interest has led him to actually landing the role in the movie! The actor is in final negotiations with the studio. Paul McGuigan is set to direct the film from a script by Max Landis (Chronicle).

The movie is described as being a sci-fi take on the original Mary Shelley story, which focuses on themes of friendship and redemption. In a previous interview, Landis went into a bit more detail revealing that it will be a period piece told from the perspective of the character Igor, and all the interesting misconceptions surrounding the mythology of the story and character. The movie will also explore where Igor came from, and if Victor Frankenstein was actually a doctor or a drop out. It’s also said to be a tale of friendship and redemption.

The hunchback character Igor is described as being pathologically dirty and dressed in old clown’s clothing. I’m actually looking forward to seeing Radciffe as this character, I’m sure he’ll end up giving a great performance!

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This is just another peculiar role Daniel’s taken on. What do you think of all his odd choices, and do you think “Frankenstein” will be a hit or miss?