We saw this circulating around on Facebook and simply had to share:

Isn’t it amazing how similar WALL-E and Dobby are? When combined together, you get one adorable elf-robot!

Happy Birthday Dobby

Thanks for MissManfreda, who couldn’t have said it better on Tumblr:

Happy Birthday, Dobby! Thank you for reminding us that loyalty, courage and friendship are the best gifts of all!

Creepy Harry Potter Dolls

Have a look at these life-like infant dolls, Based on Harry Potter Characters, Creepy or cute?



Cho Chang
















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Ever Wondered What Harry Potter Would Look Like As A Disney Movie?

Well thanks to Makani over at deviantART your days of wondering are over! Check them out, they’re siriusly awesome!Harry Potter as a Disney Movie

Accio Pronunciations!

I don’t know how many times people have come up to me to talk about Harry Potter and have pronounced so many names wrong. By the third or fourth mispronunciation, I’m ready to put a Silencing Charm on them. So, basically, this post is going to be about how to correctly pronounce the most commonly mispronounced names in the wonderful series we all know and love.

Now I know what you’re thinking,

“Oh great, this girl who I don’t even know is going to correct me. How wonderful.”

Well, don’t think about this as me trying to prove myself right or you wrong, but think of it more as a helpful guide on how to pronounce those word that you just aren’t 100% positive about.

Alrighty, how about we start with Hermione?

Believe it or not, Hermione is a very commonly mispronounced name. Before GoF came out, and we saw Hermione lecturing Viktor on how to pronounce her name, most people were completely clueless. And even after people have read the book the still said it wrong! It varied from Hermee-one, to Hermee-own, but it is, in fact, pronounced Her-my-oh-knee.

Xenophilius Lovegood’s first name is also mispronounced often as well. What we have here is a xylophone case where the “X” makes the “Z” sound, making the pronunciation Zee-no-fil-ee-us.

And last, but certainly not least, everyone’s favorite house elf, Dobby!  Dobby is one of my favorite non-wizard characters, so naturally, I would like people to pronounce his name correctly. The most common mispronunciation sounds like Dough-bee, but his name is said, Daw-bee.

That’s all for now guys, if you have and topics you would like me to cover, or go over some more pronunciations, leave me some suggestions!

Stay awesome!