Draco Malfoy’s Birthday

Draco! It’s your birthday! Come party with us!


What the…? But, Voldemort-


No, Draco! Don’t listen to them! Our cupcakes are chocolate!


And…. we lost him.

Happy Birthday, Draco!

Pottermore requests Draco Malfoy fan art

In celebration of the Slytherin’s birthday, June 5, Pottermore has a link to submit Draco Malfoy fan art.


Fan art submitted to fanpop! by Mallory23

Image credit: fanpop!


Epic Characters Battle Round 2, Set 4 begins

C’mon guys, let’s try to keep our Harry Potter characters in the running! This round showcases both Luna Lovegood and Draco Malfoy, both fan favorites. So far Draco is in the lead over Thalia Grace from Percy Jackson, but only marginally. Luna is losing to Reyna, also from Percy Jackson. They need votes, and lots of them!



Vote for Draco!

Vote for Luna!

Sweet Harry Potter Cartoons

Sweet Harry Potter Cartoons

Aren’t they cute?! I found this at Gigei’s Deviantart page and just had to share it!

Tom Felton visits Leavesden Studios! (Shhh, he’s in disguise)

Yes, you heard right. Tom Felton disguises himself and goes behind the scenes at Leavesden Studios

He told the British magazine “The People” all about it:

“I really enjoy just queuing up with everyone else, collecting my ticket and enjoying it all over gain. Everyone’s so caught up in the magic of it all that no one even notices me…

“I have a wealth of happy memories at Leavesden so if I feel a bit down or miss the place, I just go there and do the tour. I pretty much grew up there so it’s like a second home. It’s fantastic that I can just go back and check out my old stomping ground. It really picks you up.”

Wow, consider that!

Read the full story here!

Tom Felton attending New York Comic Con

Our favorite Slytherin will be signing autographs and answering questions at New York Comic Con, running October 11-14. Entertainment Weekly wrote about Tom’s attendance.

In addition to playing Draco Malfoy, the English actor also appeared in last year’s Rise of the Planet of the Apesreboot and will next be seen in horror movie The Apparition, which opens in theatres August 24.

Who’s excited for The Apparition? I know I am.


TwiggyMcbones’ awesome Harry Potter fan art

Now here’s some really amazing Harry Potter fan art for you!  These cartoon styled drawings are fun, lighthearted and are making some folks long for a Harry Potter animated series.  They are the work of the brilliant TwiggyMcBones on Deviant art who has even more great drawings you need to check out.  Not only has she created art using many of the characters we know and love, but she has also gone one step further and added some characters from the next generation.  Make sure you scroll down to the final image to see her piece titled Rose and Scorpius Commission where she has imagined the daughter of Ron and Hermione as Draco’s son’s classmate!

Please visit TwiggyMcBones page on DeviantArt HERE to see more or her amazing Harry Potter Fan Art!

Source: GeekTyrant via io9