Whimsical Harry Potter fan art

These adorable yet creepy little Harry Potter drawings were done by Skottie Young.

Harry whimsy

Mad Eye whimsy

Dumbledore whimsy

Bellatrix whimsy

Source: Geek Tyrant

Dumbledore Quotes Poll

June 30th is the anniversary of Albus Dumbledore’s death, so we’d like to take this opportunity to remember some of the wise words of the beloved former Headmaster of Hogwarts. In doing so, you can choose your top 5 favorite quotes from the poll below.

What Hufflepuff Means to Susan Bones

I was amused to find this video depicting some deleted scenes that we will probably never, ever see on the Collector’s Edition.

Thanks to Kotaku for the heads up.

The Dumble Shuffle

Michael Gambon doing the Dumble Shuffle, courtesy of Iwastesomuchtime.com and Allan Rickman’s amazing smile.

The votes are in!!!

We presented, you voted, and now we’re presenting the evidence to you all.

AAANNNNDDD… the winner of “Best Dumbledore” goes to….


It was a very close vote, and we love Michael Gambon too, but drop us a line and tell us why Richard Harris played the better Dumbledore!

Getting to Know Harry Potter and Its Characters

Harry is not your typical boy. As a baby his parents were murdered by a Dark Wizard named Lord Voldemort. Lord Voldemort was trying to gain followers and if anyone was against him, he would kill them on the spot. He went to James and Lily Potter’s home to try to change their minds to join his cause. When they stood against him, he killed them with the strongest killing curse, Avada Kedavra. Lily gave her life for her son and in doing so when Voldemort tries to kill him the curse rebounded. When this happened, it left but a mere scar on Harry’s head. As soon as the Magical world heard the news that the Potter’s murder Professor Albus Dumbledore sent the half giant Hagrid to retrieve Harry from the house. Professor Dumbledore took Harry to his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon Dursley’s home. They were the ONLY family he had left. Granted they were not a magical family, quite the opposite actually. They were a Muggle family; they hated the Magical kind. They too had a son, Dudley, the most spoiled and rather plump child.

Professor Dumbledore left Harry and a note on the door step of the Dursley’s home on Number 4 Privet Drive. Harry’s life was not the happy life that most children had. He lived in the cupboard under the stairs. He wore Dudley’s hand-me-downs that were several sizes too big. Little did Harry know, but he was no ordinary boy. He was a wizard. The Dursleys had told him that his parent’s died in a car crash. He was never allowed to ask too many questions. One day months before his 11th birthday he had received his first letter. This was no ordinary letter and Vernon knew this. When he took the letter, he thought that would have been the end out it. But day by day letters began to appear more and more each time. They came in such great numbers that Vernon knew that they needed to leave and go as far away as they possibly could so that no one would no where they were. When he found the perfect place, it was on it’s own island.

No one would be crazy enough to bring letters to them, or so he thought. That night there was a knock, to say in the least, at the door. The door came flying off it’s hinges! A huge man walked through the door with very wild hair and beard. This man was Hagrid! This was the night that Harry learned the truth about who he was. He was the son of two outstanding Magical people. He learned of a school where he would be taught how to become a Wizard. That night Harry’s life changed! From then on Harry was no longer a no name. Everyone in the Wizarding world knew who he was! In his life time he fought off the great Dark Lord 8 times. He had help of some of the best friends anyone could have asked for Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. The trio spent year after year fighting the Dark Lord. And together they set the world right. This was the beginning of an amazing life….

Keep a look out for more on “Getting to know Harry Potter.”