Evanna Lynch discusses new film, ‘G.B.F’

The movie premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Film Synopsis: The bitter fight for supremacy between the three most popular girls at North Gateway High takes an unexpected turn when their classmate, Tanner, is outed and becomes the school’s first openly gay student. The trio races to bag the big trend in fashion accessories, the Gay Best Friend, while Tanner must decide whether his skyrocketing popularity is more important than the friendships he is leaving behind.

Q: Can you tell us about your character?

Evanna Lynch: Yes, her name is McKenzie Price and she is essentially the villain! In the film it’s centered around…Michael’s character who comes out. He’s outed and a lot of the girls, there’s this craze about him, they want him as their G.B.F, whereas my character is extremely intolerant of gay people and she just thinks it’s a sin and all that kind of stuff. I don’t agree with anything she’s saying, but there are people out there who do and that is their belief and this is this girl, so she tries to shut down the prom and stage an anti-gay prom and all that kind of thing and trying to ruin everyone’s fun.

Q: What attracted you to this film?

Evanna Lynch: It was just so different from “Potter” and my character Luna. It was different playing a character where all her beliefs and all her morals, I completely disapproved of and the challenge is to try and empathize with that person, present them as a realistic person and not a caricature. I don’t know I still feel as though she does come off as kind of a caricature, but it was a challenge and all the other auditions I read for I’m usually the nice girl, I think there’s probably a danger of being type-casted, so I guess I was just trying it out. I still prefer being the nice girl!

Q: What was the highlight of working on “G.B.F.”?

Evanna Lynch: Well this is my first project in the States, so it was nice meeting the cast and crew out here and when I first got to L.A., I didn’t know many people, so it was nice finding some friends where I’m living at the moment and seeing how the industry works out here you know very similar process.

Q: What what is like working on an independent film versus a big studio film like “Harry Potter.”

Evanna Lynch: I guess there was more freedom, there was more responsibility, I had to actually drive myself to work this time, which was fun, it made me feel like an adult and yeah I just got to play a lot…it felt like you were playing a lot of the time.

"G.B.F." World Premiere - 2013 Tribeca Film Festival

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Evanna’s Anorexia Battle

Evanna's Anorexia Battle

I never realized that Evanna had battled with anorexia! I think it was fantastic what JK Rowling said to her. ❤ She helped a young girl fight the battle for anorexia! ;D

J.K. Rowling gives enlightening interview with Charlie Rose

Throughout her US promotion of The Casual Vacancy, J.K. Rowling has given a lot of interviews. One of the compelling factors in this one is the light she sheds on the film productions of Harry Potter.

Charlie Rose: When you’re writing, do you see it like a movie? I assume, after Harry Potter, you saw the character as exactly the movie character for Harry Potter.
JK Rowling:
 Interestingly no, I didn’t – with one exception. This is what’s interesting to me. I never saw Dan or Rupert or Emma as … no. Because I’d lived with them so long, I saw my characters in my head. There was one exception. I’ve said this before. Evanna Lynch, who played Luna Lovegood, I saw her. I’m not saying the others weren’t perfect pieces of casting, because I adore those people, but she got in my head. I even heard her voice when I was writing Luna.

CR: How did Harry differ from the actor? How did the picture you had in your head differ from the picture we see on the screen?
 Dan, Rupert and Emma – and they know, I’ve said this to them – they’re much better looking than the kids I saw in my head

CR: Really?
 Yeah, definitely. Emma is beautiful, staggeringly beautiful. In the book, Hermione is a plain Jane, although she sorts herself out a little bit, and she gets a little more styled as she gets older. I am so glad they cast her as Hermione. Emma is a very intelligent girl, who played intelligent beautifully. Even though she’s stunningly beautiful – Emma is not at all about her looks. That’s who Emma is, and that shown through in her portrayal of Hermione. That’s why I was thrilled they cast her because she is such a smart, bright girl. I needed my Hermione to be that kind of person.

CR: Did the movies teach you anything about your characters? Did you see anything about your characters that might have added to their complexity? Because actors can take lines and their job is to to enhance them.
 Yeah definitely, and make them their own. Gary Oldman was fantastic as Sirius. He was amazing. He gave Sirius something that was in my mind for Sirius, but on screen I really saw it – that slight edge of insanity, of being imbalanced, from someone that’d been locked up for a long time. He just played that.

CR: When you’re writing this with the multiple characters you have, is finding somebody that’s a bit crazed thrilling? Because you can do so many things with a bad person.
 You’ve got to reign it in though. You’ve got to just pitch it right because otherwise it becomes like a cardboard and paste caricature. You’ve still got to find the center of the crazy person. Bellatrix, in the books, is probably the most out of control, insane person in the books. She’s vicious. Even more than Voldemort, who has a control about him. But that was how I saw her. There was a lack of boundaries.

The longer video also includes information from the author about The Casual Vacancy.

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Harry Potter cast’s favorite lines

This is an older video from the time of the Deathly Hallows II release, but that almost makes it more interesting to watch now. From Ralph Fiennes to Emma Watson, most of the Harry Potter cast laughs while sharing their favorite spoken lines. What a series, and what a cast!

We really miss these guys. They were such a fun group, and their performances will have such an everlasting effect on our lives. Which lines were your favorite?

Equality spreads from Harry Potter fandom

Some of the core beliefs of Harry Potter are love and acceptance. Readers can live out those values by supporting a cause that rewards them with Harry Potter-related prizes, at Indiegogo’s Equality FTW.

From August 15 to September 8, you can head to our campaign site EqualityFTW.org to donate and receive some delightfully nerdy and awesome perks for supporting Equality FTW. During these three weeks, be on the lookout for videos from favorite vloggers and wizards alike. We’re going to be teaming up with some awesome people to help us reach our $50,000 goal and we’re counting on you to be one of them!

Just like Harry and Dumbledore fought for equality amongst magic users and muggles, we  too are fighting for immigration reform, LGBTQ rights and equal access to education.  Our Equality for the Win fundraiser is a drive to raise $50,000 so that we can strengthen our fight to equal the playing field. With your donation and your help we can launch a year of equality based campaigns to fight the dark arts of inequality.

We are Wizards. We are the Equality Generation.

The site posts updates on how the contributions are going.

That’s right – you better believe it. We have raised over $25,000, putting us more than halfway to our goal of $50,000 in only 5 days. That’s stupendous! That’s fabulous! That’s….INDESCRIBABLE. Imagine what we can do with the next two weeks.

If you’ve checked out our IndieGoGo page recently, you’ll also note that we’ve added some new AMAZING perks from the cool kids over at Starkid – you can get a signed poster, brew potions with a piece of Joe Moses’ cloak, or claim an original doodle from a member of the Starkid cast. It’s a random selection but you just might get one of the original doodles from Darren Criss.

The wonderful Evanna Lynch, of HP movie fame, has so generously added 5 of her original, beautiful Phoenix pendant. There are still three left so claim one while you can!

For more information on where the money goes, what the organization is all about, and how to donate, go to the website!


Happy birthday Evanna Lynch!


Evanna’s New Role!

Evanna Lynch, famed for playing Luna Lovegood in the HP Franchise, has a new film role!

She will play Fiona Carrick-Smith in the new film “Monster Butler”

’Monster Butler’ is based on the true story of Roy Fontaine, aka Archibald Hall, who was a jewel thief, con man and serial killer. The film will detail his journey from petty thief to a serial killer. Until he died in 2002, Fontaine was the oldest person serving a whole life sentence in jail.

Lynch – who isbest known for playing Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter movies – will play Fiona Carrick-Smith, the daughter of an aristocrat. She is seduced by her older butler who is in fact a confidence trickster

What do you guys think? Does it sound like a worth-while film? How do you think Evanna will do?

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