Happy birthday to Neville Longbottom!

The current Hogwarts Herbology professor is 33 years old today!

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Pottermore requests Draco Malfoy fan art

In celebration of the Slytherin’s birthday, June 5, Pottermore has a link to submit Draco Malfoy fan art.


Fan art submitted to fanpop! by Mallory23

Image credit: fanpop!


Pottermore Snape week commences with poll

This week the Insider is honoring the famed Potion’s master, Severus Snape, with quizzes and fan art, including a recently posted poll on favorite Snape quotes.

This week is all about Severus Snape, Harry’s curiously antagonistic Potions teacher.

From the moment Harry meets Snape in his first year of Hogwarts, he forms a strong dislike for the punishing and severe professor. However, whilst Harry detests the Hogwarts Potions master, we know that many of you are firm fans.

Today, we’re asking you to place your votes for the most memorable quote from Snape. Books One and Two, and the first section of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban are available to explore on Pottermore.com, so we’ve taken quotations from those first three books. What are your favourite lines; which quote do you think sums up his character the most?

The results will be revealed this Friday, so get voting now for your winning quote.

We’ll also be testing your knowledge of Snape throughout the week with quizzes and sharing your fanart, so return to the Insider for more. If you’ve got a Facebook or Twitter account, take part in our Snape week there too.

Head to the Pottermore Insider to take the poll!

Snape, Snape, Severus Snape

House pride fan art displayed on Pottermore Insider

Go Gryffindor! Or Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff. The Pottermore Insider has released some of their best entries of house pride fan art.

by StrikeSword18260

by ThornHazel13357

Hufflepuff art

by BloodPatronus45

by ShadowRiver12556

Ravenclaw art

by AjenjoGato8747

by ShadowAsh82

Gryffindor art

by ShadowAsh82

by CentaureDraconis12204

Slytherin art


We saw this circulating around on Facebook and simply had to share:

Isn’t it amazing how similar WALL-E and Dobby are? When combined together, you get one adorable elf-robot!

Beautiful Marauder’s fan art

This fan art was brought to us by i09, and it’s creator is Viktoria Ridzel.




Be sure to check out more of Viktoria’s work on deviantART!

Ten year old’s Harry Potter fan art wins award

Who can resist a fantastic drawing of Harry’s sidecar ride, especially one done by a ten year old? The Tewkesbury Admag published the article.

A BLOCKLEY Primary School pupil has come top of the class with his drawing of a famous motorbike and sidecar.

Ten-year-old Theo Aspey won first prize for his drawing of the vehicle seen in the Harry Potter films in a competition organised by Blockley Horticultural Society and Blockley Heritage Society.

…“I’m good at drawing and a huge Harry Potter fan,” he said.

He also enjoyed sitting in Harry Potter’s sidecar at the Blockley Heritage Society’s exhibition that was held on the same day.

The sidecar’s maker Watsonian Squire, based at the nearby Northwick Business Centre, supplied the sidecar for Harry Potter fans to see along with a video showing how the filmmakers achieved many of the special effects. It may be early days for Theo to be thinking about his future career, but he said he would interested in applying his artistic talent in film set design – or he may even try his hand at being an inventor.