Sirius Black and the Secret Keeper – It All Begins!

An official press release has been sent out for the new web series Sirius Black and the Secret Keeper, a fanmade Harry Potter prequel. Few details have been released about the series, which follows Sirius Black in his pre-Azkaban days. However, there is a very cool poster!

Sirius Black and the Secret Keeper

The project is a major triumph for director Adam VillaSensor, who suffered a form a short-term amnesia after an accident this past New Years Eve:

“Try waking up in 2012, thinking your still in 2008 and everyone’s telling you you’re a filmmaker and you’ve shot a prequel to Harry Potter. I thought… what am I? Crazy?”

However, Adam is not crazy! Sirius Black and the Secret Keeper will premiere at Ascendio in two short days! Get all of the details here!

Darkest Before The Dawn – A Harry Potter Fan Video

There are some seriously talented Harry Potter fans out there, including meeshell384! She created this stunning fan video centering around The Final Battle set to “Shake it Out” by Florence and the Machine:

Breaks your heart, doesn’t it?

Thanks to Melissa for sending this in!