Video combines all eight Harry Potter trailers

This is great, because it allows younger fans to see the trailers they were never able to see, and older fans can relive the memories (such as the Goblet of Fire, the year of no haircuts).

Source: Screen Invasion, Alex Todd



Each “Harry Potter” Chapter Illustration all in one place!

Feast your eyes on this!  It’s a compilation of every chapter illustration in every Harry Potter book all in one place.  This was made possible by an ambitious redditor named ajcfood, so that’s who you’ll want to thank for this awesome illustration reference guide!

Click HERE for the large version

Source:  Geekologie


Angela Rizza’s fantastic Harry Potter art

Artist Angela Rizza has created some pretty unique Harry Potter fan art.  We’ve seen fan art in many different styles, but nothing quite like this.  I think io9 describe it quite fittingly:

Angela Rizza’s intricate illustrations take a different tack, rendering our hero as a stern-faced figure of myth, a high wizard in a hooded sweatshirt.

Looking at the two images of Harry below you can see just how distant he seems to be.  He’s looking straight ahead and doesn’t appear to be focusing on anything.  The Harry we know is far more warm than the one depicted in the illustrations.

This first illustration is titled The Prisoner of Azkaban.  We can see why as a number of  elements from the story are represented here such as the full moon and Animagi, along with a stone-faced Harry.

This one is called The Half-blood Prince.  What do you think of Harry’s glasses here?  To me they have a futuristic look to them.  And notice how he’s holding his wand in the same position as in the previous illustration.

This final one is titled The Goblet of Fire.  This one is Harry-free but we do have the hedge maze with the strategically placed Triwizard cup in the center as an ominous (and intricate!) dark mark looms above it.

If you like these illustrations you can purchase them from Angela Rizza’s store on Etsy.

Source: io9

After All This Time … Always! T-Shirt

This is the kind of shirt any Harry Potter fan would be proud to wear, and it’s really not that expensive either ($12). It carries a simple message, but Snape-lovers or not, you can probably relate to it!

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