Harry Potter looks for Platform 9 3/4 at Penn Station!

This is an absolutely hilarious video for any Harry Potter fan, which we found on the Huffington Post. This will be especially funny for New Yorkers, who are familiar with Penn Station and probably wish it looked a little more like King’s Cross Station!

That kid has great poise — and he’s very quick on his feet when the guy asks him about his parents. If you saw that happening in front of you, what would you do?


Daniel Radcliffe premieres controversial scenes in Kill Your Darlings at Sundance 2013

The Harry Potter star has always been comfortable with divisive roles, such as the nude scenes in Equus in 2008. His newest film, Kill Your Darlings, has people talking.

Daniel Radcliffe, by contrast, has no major scandals to his name, and bares no body parts that wouldn’t be visible on any public beach. But, with his performance in Kill Your Darlings as a young Allen Ginsberg, Radcliffe takes on an entirely different set of taboos. Plenty of male actors have passionately kissed male co-stars in films, as Radcliffe and the excellent Dane DeHaan do here, but it’s hard to recall a Hollywood star as famous as this one simulating the act of homosexual lovemaking this explicitly — knees in the air, lover on top of him — or this vulnerably.

Radcliffe, for his part, is simply shrugging off questions about his gay-sex scene. “It was something new,” he told a reporter for E! last night. “But you know what, we shot that whole scene in maybe an hour and a half so it was incredibly fast-paced. I didn’t really have time to stop to think and worry about it.”

Personally, I’m glad Daniel took the role, and he will surely be fantastic in it.

Daniel at Sundance

In related news, Daniel was spotted kissing co-star Erin Darke at the festival!

Erin Darke

Source: Huffington Post

Daniel Radcliffe reflects on teenage years

Even though he was the star of a global phenomenon, Daniel Radcliffe was still a normal teenager. Recently in an interview with the Huffington Post, Radcliffe looked back.

On Being Harry Potter
Whatever opportunities I get for the rest of my life; 99% of them you can trace back to the fact that I got this amazing job when I was 10. I still maintain that there is no place more fun for a boy than a film set: it’s just great cause it’s mad and there’s lots of stuff to play with and climb on – I loved it; it was great. It’s very hard when you are in the middle of something this big to fully appreciate – because it’s always such a part of my life, that I don’t notice when it takes over other people’s lives for a few weeks of the year when the posters are everywhere and the films are coming out and it’s a really big deal; there’s all the pre-release hype going on.

On Handling The Hype
I just thought it was silly and funny – we had a great reaction to it as a family; anytime we saw a poster with me on it I would just stand in front of it and have a photo taken with it! Which is a really touristy kind of thing to do, I suppose. We didn’t ever find it weird, I have always found it hilarious that I’m suddenly on posters. Just the other day somebody sent me a picture of their son standing with a life-size Lego version of myself and that stuff, still, is really funny. I mean it’s bizarre but I’ve never found that odd or creepy, I’ve just always found it funny. If you start letting that stuff get to you then you’re in the wrong job because there is a lot of it!

On Being A Teenager
When I was a teenager I was thinking “why can’t I just go out like all my friends are? Why can’t I just go to clubs?” And frankly, I have been to clubs since and they’re not really my thing anyway I’ve discovered, which is quite lucky for me. A lot of my friends would be like “do you want to come here tonight?” and I was like “no, I’m getting up at 5.30am for work tomorrow, I can’t.”

The teenage social world is like a soap opera; I don’t watch soap operas because I know if I miss a week’s worth of episodes then I’ll come back and the entire cast has changed or something – I cannot keep up with those storylines! And basically if you’re out of the loop of a teenage social world for 11 months of a year, you can’t just come back and walk back into it because everyone’s changed so much so I did feel disconnected from people my own age, but I also felt lucky to be so connected to people older than me.

Because you know when you’re a teenager you’re all going through the same thing; you’re all moaning and acting as if the problems that you’re having now are the biggest problems you’ll ever face in your life. I was on a film set with people who have all been through this stuff and could all turn around to me and say: “It’s fine. In a year’s time you will not even remember this girl. Or… That fight with your friend is so unimportant in the grand scheme of things.”