New HARRY POTTER Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix covers revealed


This reminds me of the original U.S. cover, in that it has many of the same elements- the Golden Egg, the Horntail, the stands- but it’s definitely a more action-filled take on the scene, which I think complements the nature of the book more.

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This cover, on the other hand, is totally reimagined. Despite the creepy thestrals, it’s actually probably my favorite one so far. I love the rising sun in the background, which to me represents a clear message in the series- there is always hope, even in the darkest of times.

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Both covers are the artwork of Kaza Kibuishi, same as all the previously unveiled covers.

What are your opinions on the new art?

Kazu Kibuishi unveils ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’ cover art


The artist, whose stunning Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone art has been well received, has revealed his latest addition to the series.

Scholastic announced earlier in the year that the company was going to release brand new editions of the entire Harry Potter saga that are poised to hit the store shelves in August. The company has been generating significant buzz surrounding the cover art created by award winning artist Kazu Kibuishi. Today at Book Expo America, the artist and Ellie Berger, President of Scholastic Trade Publishing, Arthur A. Levine unveiled the new cover art.

The new cover for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets features the flying car that Harry and Ron rode to Hogwarts. In the background is the Weasley family home and many people are considering this art to be the best ever done for the franchise. Subsequent cover art will be revealed during the next few months for the remainder of the books.


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‘A Very Potter Senior Year’ to be released by Starkid

Starkid fandom, prepare yourselves. After months of agonizing over whether Starkid would release the last installment of the “A Very Potter Musical” series, a decision has been reached.

A Very Potter Senior Year is the third and final of the Harry Potter parody shows which first brought the group attention when they were students at the University of Michigan. The formation of their company, Team StarKid, came after the huge and unexpected response to their work when their YouTube videos went viral. The name “StarKid” is a joke from that firstVery Potter show, which hit the web in June 2009.

Less than six months after the release of A Very Potter Sequel, the group’s composer – and their Harry – was one of a million struggling actor/musicians in Los Angeles. He got a haircut, landed a TV guest spot, sang a Katy Perry song to another boy, and his star rose astronomically overnight. But in between movies and Broadway and world tours, Team StarKid and their fans wanted Darren Criss back for a few minutes – just long enough to put together “the Threequel” – the final Potter show that was long known to be finished, ready and waiting to be staged as soon as the circumstances would allow it.

Earlier this year, Team StarKid announced that they would finally be able to perform a version of A Very Potter Senior Year – that because they weren’t sure if they could ever run it as a full show in the way they’ve run more recent releases, they would bring the cast (including Darren) to the LeakyCon convention this past August, and give the audience a staged reading of the script. The final product was five hours long after only 36 hours rehearsal with the full cast. It was completely uncut, full of goofs, and had never been run in order before. It contained songs, staging, choreography, and over 70 costumes worn by the 30+ members involved – Team StarKid brought in nearly every single person who had ever been in a StarKid show to take part in Senior Year.

The audience of 4,000 – who had possibly been expecting a bunch of people sitting in a row of chairs, reading lines back and forth – ate the whole thing up. The rest of the fandom wept and pulled at their hair, especially when rumors circulated that Team StarKid’s creative team, who do seem to pride themselves on delivering technical perfection even if the content is silly, may not want to release the show online due to the one-off LeakyCon taping being unmanageable from an editing perspective. Too many mistakes. It won’t make sense. It’s too long.

So they’re releasing everything. Later this month, Team StarKid will release the script and the music for A Very Potter Senior Year, and then allow fans some time to get to know it, and then, in early 2013, they will put up the entire live video of the staged reading. The script and soundtrack – featuring nine new songs written by AJ Holmes, Clark Baxtresser and Pierce Siebers – will be made available on December 15 through The Ann Arbor T-shirt Company.

In case fans weren’t thrilled enough, the announcement video then features over a minute of footage from the reading. With StarKid’s usual “no cameras, no spoilers” policy in place, this is the first Senior Year content of any substance to have been posted – snippets of songs, previewing new characters (Lockhart! McGonagall! Hagrid! Young Tom Riddle!) and the return of all the old gang, including our Harry, of course.

I gotta get back to Hogwarts…

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Millionth visitor attends Harry Potter Studio Tour

The insanely successful location at Warner Bros studio has just received it’s millionth visitor!

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter opened on March 31 of this year, and today the beloved tour welcomed its millionth visitor.

Actor Mark Williams, who portrayed Mr. Weasley in the Harry Potter films, was on hand for the celebratory occasion. Williams also led a tour of the Studio Tour’s new Christmas decorations…

The Christmas makeover, which includes lots of holiday decorations in the Great Hall, can be seen at the Studio Tour through January 6. Since opening earlier this year, the Harry Potter Studio Tour has added various elements like a limited-time Dark Arts areaan iconic bridgeseen in the films, and now this holiday makeover.

Harry Potter Studio Tour

What a lucky kid!

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‘A Casual Vacancy’ to become TV series

This is surprising, considering that press coverage put a negative spin on ideas of adapting the book.

The Harry Potter author will “collaborate closely” on the adaptation which is expected to air on BBC One in 2014.

Set in a small-town community in the West Country, it centres on the unexpected death of Barry Fairbrother, which shocks the local villagers.

Rowling said she was “thrilled” that the novel has been commissioned.

“I always felt that, if it were to be adapted, this novel was best suited to television and I think the BBC is the perfect home.”

BBC One controller Danny Cohen said he was excited to bring Rowling’s latest work to audiences.

“[Her] story-telling is of course peerless in its popularity, and I am looking forward to collaborating with her,” he said.

The series will be produced for BBC One by an independent production company with Rick Senat as executive producer.

The BBC said the number and length of episodes will be decided once the adaptation process has begun.

Described by publishers Little Brown and Co as “blackly comic, thought-provoking and constantly surprising”, there were mixed reviews for the novel when it was published in September, with Rowling variously described as “unadventurous”, “bleak” and “brilliant” by newspaper critics.

It sold 125,000 copies in its first week on the market, becoming the fastest-selling hardback in the UK for three years and the second biggest seller since records began in 1998.

What do you think? Is the book suitable for TV? Will you watch it?

casual vacancy

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Give the gift of Harry Potter with Pottermore

With technological progress comes the new way to give and receive books- through the internet.

Just in time for the Holiday shopping season, the Pottermore Shop has launched a gifting feature so you can buy your loved ones digital copies of the Harry Potter books and present them as gifts.

“Choose the gift you’d like to treat someone to,” Pottermore explains, “Then select exactly when you want them to receive it. Or if they’re the impatient sort, they can have their story straight away. They will even be able to download their gift up to eight times to different devices.”

Just earlier this week the Pottermore Shop launched the eBook version of The Tales of Beedle the Bard. All proceeds from the purchase of the book, as explained by author J.K. Rowling in a video announcement, will go to The Lumos Foundation.

Would you prefer to have a physical copy of the books, or do you think this e-gifting is a great new idea?

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Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion photos surface

While Universal Studios has been very keen not to release updates on the expansion of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, certain details have come to light, including some new behind-the-scenes photos of a construction project.

Though still quiet about their plans, Universal Orlando continues work on The Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s expansion, which will feature Diagon Alley.

The larger Harry Potter world is rumored to include a thrill ride within Gringotts, a working Hogwarts Express, new shops, and a new restaurant. It is sitting on the area of land that used to be occupied by Jaws.

Photos from the Wizarding World construction site show a huge structure forming, which is likely to be the building housing the Gringotts ride. A second crane was recently added to the work.

The London waterfront is one of the first areas completed and is themed to look like the Victoria embankment. See side by side comparisons we created for the proof. While we’re eagerly awaiting Universal’s official announcement and concept art, check out one fan’s prediction for the park illustrated in amazing detail.


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