Rupert Grint and Matthew Lewis discuss friendship, moments from the Potter films

While the movies may be in the past, little behind-the-scenes moments can be dredged up by interviews like this.

Matt, on Rupert’s Kiss with Emma Watson: “He also showed versatility in how he developed the love story [with Emma’s Hermione Granger]. Though when it finally came to his kiss with Emma, we ripped him for it; as attractive as she is, he was not looking forward to it.”

Rupert, on Matt’s transformation: “Even in the fourth film, poor Matt still had some crappy fat suit, prosthetic teeth and things to make his ears stick out, so people thought that was how he looked, but underneath he had changed. For me, that contrast was clearest in the final film, when he did this big speech in a courtyard and you thought, ‘Where did that come from?’ It was a great moment. I noticed, too, the change in public awareness – overnight he became a sex symbol and it was nice for Matt to have his moment. He gave me a bit of stick with the kissing scenes with Emma, though, as back in the day he had a little thing with her.”

Matt, on Rupert getting the giggles: “Rupert was great at making everyone laugh on set. There was one scene in which he had to come on and say, “Back off, unless you want a fistful of Weasley,” which was a direct quote from the book. But Rupert couldn’t say it, and he broke out in an infectious laugh; every time he tried to do the scene we all got the giggles, too – until the director was like, “This just isn’t working, let’s scrap the line and move on.” We’d wasted an entire day filming because of Rupert’s laugh. In the early films he was all about making an audience laugh, too – he has such great facial expressions.”

Rupert, on food fights on film: “I’ll never forget one moment in the work canteen when we started throwing peas at each other. They ended up flying towards a certain Slytherin’s table – we always sat separately – and it escalated. I got threatened by one of the gentlemen, and there was a big chase with me, Matt and the Slytherins all round the studio. I was really quite scared as they were big guys, but he had my back.”

Rupert and Matthew

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The “Hogwarts Effect”

Recently we’ve been hearing about the “Hogwarts” effect- the magical turning of awkward preteens into attractive young adults. Is it true? We’ve seen plenty of evidence, but the magical community has actually decide. What do you think?

(Personally, I think it’s true) 😉

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A Glimpse of the Past – Matthew Lewis Shares a Picture

It’s images like this one that makes you glad to have Twitter and be able to follow actors, especially when they’re willing to share part of their experiences.  Matthew Lewis (@Mattdavelewis), who played Neville Longbottom, was able to do just that with this tweet.  Can you name them all?

If you can (without looking at the tags, of course), 100 points to your house!  Just comment below. 🙂

Golden trio stars in music videos

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint have at least two things in common. They’ve all starred in the Harry Potter movies, and they’ve all been featured in successful music videos. Clash pondered the subject.

A few months on and the video for Slow Club’s single ‘Beginners’ currently stands at a hefty 350,000 YouTube views, 341,000 more than the video for their previous record. It’s because Radcliffe is in it, and playing a boozy barfly, which has garnered news stories around the world.

…The Potter/pop link is proving rather potent: Rupert ‘Ron Weasley’ Grint did a memorable turn as an obsessed fan in Ed Sheeran’s ‘Lego House’ last year. And hot on Slow Club’s heels comes obscure poetry/classical-fuelled combo A Band Of Buriers, whose new single ‘Filth’ stars Matthew Lewis, who played Neville Longbottom in all eight Potter movies. It’s a dark, compelling tale in which Lewis – alongside Skins actress Lily Loveless – gets angry, takes drastic action, and winds up in a state definitely not suitable for younger fans.

Emma Watson’s appearance in One Night Only’s “Say You Don’t Want It” received 4,300,000 views and counting. Who’s seen these videos? Could you not help but think of the Harry Potter characters?

Matthew Lewis recieves honorary degree in Leeds!

Matthew Lewis was presented with an honorary degree from Leeds Metropolitan University!

According to BBC:

The 23-year-old actor, who was born and raised in the city, received the honour for his contribution to the arts and his charity work.

In 2010, he helped launch a cancer screening suite at St James’s Hospital in Leeds, and last year he joined the Leeds 10km walk for local charity, the Martin House Hospice.

The actor said: “I still live in Leeds and to be acknowledged in this way is quite overwhelming.”

We are so proud of Lewis’ great work! He’s not the only one being honored this week. Others include England Rugby Union head coach Stuart Lancaster, fashion designer Wayne Hemingway, Olympic torch designer Edward Barber and chairman of Huddersfield Town, Dean Hoyle.

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“Harry Potter” Star to debut on London’s West End!

Matthew Lewis, who we all know and love as Neville Longbottom in the HP Movie Franchise, is making his debut on London’s West End!

According to,

“…Our Boys is the story of five young soldiers whose daily routine of TV, lonely hearts ads and lighthearted banter is shattered when a young officer arrives from Sandhurst. The soldiers’ friendship is jeopardized by a dangerous incident and an act of betrayal. With charges of misconduct looming, accusations fly—and the fighting really begins.”

The production will play in a 15-week limited engagement.

What do you think, Londoners? Will you go see Matthew in his newest roll?

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A Twitter Conversation

If you follow actors on Twitter, you may get tickled when you see Twitter conversations between actors, just like I do.  Someone decided to put it into a cute little script art and thus it must be posted.

This was originally found by WeHeartIt on Shut Up! Fred Weasley isn’t dead, it was a typing error 🙂 and reblogged on Tumblr by halfpast4