Harry Potter dolls repainted to perfection

The Harry Potter action figures may not look exactly like the actors, but these sure do now.

Have you ever been really excited to pick up an action figure or collectible doll only to look at the face and go, “meh?” (Except for that Tom Hiddleston/Loki doll, good god.) While the creators of these figures usually spend a lot of time coming up with something that looks similar to the actor who played the part, they’ve got nothing on Noel Cruz. He painstakingly repaints the faces of some already pricey dolls (Hot Toys, Tonner, etc.) to give them the realistic look we all wanted in the first place. If you like what you see, you can try and commission one from him but prepare yourself – 12 inch dolls start at $1000. He does a lot of pop-culture work but take a look at what he’s done with the characters from Harry PotterTwilightThe Lord of the Rings, and more.

It’s like the actors shrunk. Which one is your favorite? I’m rooting for Voldemort, that’s just creepily realistic.




Source: The Mary Sue

Hilarious Voldemort and Snape fan art


I love those robes that Voldy’s rocking. Poor Severus.

Source: You mean Dean’s dating my sister, because she has nice skin?- Ron Weasley on Facebook

Xbox 360 releases Harry Potter for Kinect screenshots

Harry Potter video games are, and will always be, awesome. The new Kinect Harry Potter game, however, may be the best of them all. Here’s the report at Snitch Seeker.com.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released the box art and new screenshots for its upcoming Harry Potter for Kinect videogame to gear up for gamescom 2012. The new screenshots depict memorable moments from the Harry Potter films that players can experience in the game, such as being Sorted as a first-year student at Hogwarts, playing Quidditch, and battling Voldemort and the Death Eaters.

The all-new Harry Potter for Kinect video game exclusively on KINECT™ for Xbox 360® allows players to experience Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and the wizarding world like never before! Through the innovative KINECT capability, each player can scan their face to create a wizard avatar in their likeness – and then play as their avatar in the game. Utilizing controller-free and voice recognition technology available only on KINECT, players will attend Hogwarts, interact with professors, students and friends, call out spells to cast against opponents, brew potions, and even fly as they race on broomsticks to be the first to catch the Golden Snitch in a Quidditch match.





Who else is excited for the game?


London Olympics items up for sale: includes ‘Isle of Wonder’ book read by J.K. Rowling

Anyone who watched the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony remembers J.K. Rowling’s monologue (not to mention the colossal Lord Voldemort). Now you can purchase the very copy of the book she read, along with other goodies from this year’s Olympics. The Washington Post wrote an article on the subject.

Officials have put almost 2,000 Olympic relics up for auction, along with a replica of the “Isle of Wonder” book that Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling read from during the July 27 opening ceremony.

The book’s price had risen to 1,066 pounds (US$1,670) Tuesday, after opening at 1 pound a few days ago.

What did you think of the opening ceremonies?

New magic merchandise available at Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Many fans already delight in wearing Harry Potter t-shirts, scarves, wizard’s costumes, and more, but now you can take your apparel a step further with the new line of movie-inspired wear at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. behind the thrills posted the information.

Now fans can take things just a step further with robes, jackets, and even a dress taken directly from the films.

The famed Hermione Yule Ball Gown is available for purchase. The cost is $325 and it comes in multiple sizes. The dress was shown in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Albus Dumbledore’s robes can be bought for a whopping $700.

Voldemort’s robes are for sale, between $250-$350.

You can buy Professor Snape’s robes for a decent price- only $195.

Which of the outfits is your favorite?

Formal Apology, to Harry from Voldemort

Formal Apology, to Harry from Voldemort

Oh, how this makes me smile. See –> 😀

How have I only seen this now?!

Avada Kedavra   ->   Hakuna Matata Parody